Winner of the 2015 Oklahoma Book Award

Bronze medalist, ForeWord Reviews’s Best Books of 2015

The RoadRunner Press  |  December 2014

ISBN:  978-1-937054-11-3  (HC)  |  $18.95 U.S.

Finders Keepers

When Mr. Martin hired Tomás, his son’s best friend, to clear out the family’s old vacant store in downtown
San Moreno, Texas, he was just trying to get an unsafe and dirty job done on the cheap.

Without even thinking, Mr. Martin tells the twelve-year-old he can keep anything he finds—so long as the job is done by day’s end.

Their agreement backfires when Tomás finds six valuable boxes of old Topps baseball cards in pristine condition in the old Five & Dime.

The cards are worth millions, and now Mr. Martin
wants them for his own . . . soon everyone in the small south Texas town is either taking sides or trying
to get their hands on the treasure.

Roy Deering

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By Roy Deering